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Nourishing - Dry and Frizzy Hair

image of Nourishing Bath

Nourishing Bath

"Nourishing bath for dry and frizzy hair With Lactacoccus Ferment. Nourishes dry hair giving it body. Tames frizzy hair. Enriched with Lactacoccus Ferment, a biochemical compound with biological properties: nourishes the metabolism while keeping the hair physical chemical and functional balance constant. Hair is nourished moisturized and healthier looking. Every lock of hair is soft with greater body."

image of Restructuring Creamy Foam

Restructuring Creamy Foam

"Restructuring rinse out creamy foam with Lactucoccus Ferment. A restructuring cosmetic instant treatment with Lactococcus Ferment a biochemical compound with biological properties. Nourishes the metabolism and restores the correct hair physical-chemical balance. Hair is healthy strong and soft-to-touch. Thanks to the special texture of the product, application and absorption are quick and effective. Hair appears compact, healthy with plenty of volume. A real beauty treatment."

image of Nourishing Elixir

Nourishing Elixir

"Nourishing no rinse elixir for dry and frizzy hair with Loctococcus Ferment. Intense and deep repair action. Revitalizes damaged, weakened and fragile hair. Develops a regenerating action thanks to the Lactococcus Ferment, a biochemical complex with nourishing and energizing properties helping to restore the hair functional balance and its natural pH. Hair is healthy, soft, with greater body."

Some information about our products

Müster e Dikson is one of the world’s only true research and development companies. Located just outside of Milan, Italy, its products have been exported since 1964 and are now available in over 50 countries around the world.

The Müster division manufactures some of the highest quality salon equipment and appliances in the industry. The Dikson division is famous for the finest hair color and professional products in the world. Müster e Dikson’s laboratory and production plant maintains a continuing program of chemical and biological research committed to serving the professional hair stylist.

Müster e Dikson prides itself in bringing the European tradition of quality cosmetology arts to North America. This tradition recognizes that quality and consistency are essential in the professional’s daily work. These traits are founded in a solid education.

Why Are There So Many Products?

Have you ever wondered why professional research development companies make so many different support and styling products? The answer is because they to make sure that your professional stylist has all of the tools they need to perform their craft. Unfortunately many other stylists do not take the time to learn how to identify which product the hair needs and how to administer the product correctly. Imagine a physician treating every ailment with just aspirin and a bandage. That is what many professional stylists do when they prescribe the same three or four products to every client.

At the Upper Cut we take the time to analyze your hair, determine what will work best to keep it healthy or bring it back to a healthy state and prescribe the products that fit your unique situation using products engineered and tested to give only the best results.