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Prom Giveaway

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Each prom season, the Upper Cut selects one lucky girl to receive a free hairstyle from the Upper Cut for her prom.

This year's lucky receipient was Nikki.
Prom Giveaway

Nikki was wearing a form-fitting full-length midnight black prom dress accented with just the right touch of gray that made her radiant blond hair explode with color. To complement Nikki's dress we designed a satin swirl hairstyle to highten Nikki's natural blond color and shine. Tightly tucked curls at the back accented Nikki's slim neck and continued the smooth transition from the satin swirl down to the elegant lines of Nikki's dress. The result was a look of stunning radiance that pulsated from her at every angle and stopped admirers in their tracks.



The Stylists at the Upper Cut are experienced in virtually all current Children's, Men's and Women's short and long hair styles.


Our Stylists are trained in Italian Hair Color to provide the best in long lasting natural looking color. We also do multi-dimensional and fantasy colors for that special look.

See Some Fantasy Color Samples


We specialize in providing the most up-to-date styles for men, women, and children for that special event, or maybe that special person. Always in big demand for proms and weddings, our stylists work with each individual client to find the style that is a perfect fit for their occasion.


We offer the best line of treatments for hair that has been damaged or neglected. We approach each client’s hair health with the same care and concern a doctor would approach each of their patient’s health. First we diagnose the problem with your hair, and then we develop an individual plan to get your hair back on the road to total recovery. To learn more about our approach toward healing your hair, read “Getting To Know Your Hair” below.

Two Step Structure Fort Treatment - adds protein to your hair and is recommended before any chemical treatment or after lengthy sun exposure.

Four Step Moisture Treatment for Dry and Damaged Hair - The most innovative and complete reconstruction program for weak and damaged hair. University tests have confirmed the effectiveness of Tonic Repair on the hair. The hair is reconstructed to a healthier and stronger state.

Keratin Complex - Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle, reducing up to 95 percent of frizz and curl and leaving hair smooth, shiny and luxurious.    Read More

Special Services

When you need someone onsite to help you get ready for your big event, the Uppercut can provide stylists to make sure your big day turns out perfectly! Check out some photos from out latest Special Services onsite event - a fabulous wedding. Special Services Photos

Getting To Know Your Hair


Before we start any service, be it a hair cut, color, perm, bleach, etc. We must first put the hair into its optimum condition. It is our goal to create beautiful hair. Beautiful hair is healthy hair.

The hair can attain up to 4 levels of damage. It is by identifying these levels of damage and knowing how to repair them that we are able to create truly beautiful hair.

Levels Of Damage

Levels of damage are progressive. This means that if you have damage level 4 you also have levels 3, 2 and 1.


The first level of damage the hair can attain is to the cuticle. This is when the cuticle layer starts to become open abraded. We can identify cuticle damage in two ways. The first is by sight. When the cuticle is closed and flat it reflects more light, making the hair shiny. You can see that toward the ends of the hair there is more cuticle damage and the hair has a dull or less shiny appearance than the hair that is closer to the scalp.

The second way we can recognize cuticle damage is by touch. Take a small section of hair and starting at the scalp run your fingers down the section. If the cuticle is open it will feel rough to the touch.

Cuticle damage causes the hair to tangle. Often, when our clients are having a problem with the ends of their hair knotting up and tangling, they are envisioning the ends literally knotting up like shoe laces. We know that this is not the case. When the cuticle is open it becomes like small hooks similar to Velcro®. Instead of each strand of hair sliding by each other like sheets of smooth glass they hook on to each other. The snapping and popping noise you hear combing through this type of hair, is actually the sound of the cuticle layer being torn from the hair.

What Causes Cuticle Damage

Cuticle damage is caused by the use of inferior hair products and styling tools, heat styling, sun, wind and chemical services.


Once the cuticle on the hair has been open and abraded for long enough the hair will start to lose moisture. Healthy hair has a natural ability to hold on to free radical moisture molecules even when it appears completely dry. Water is a heavy molecule. Therefore when the hair loses its natural moisture content it also loses weight. The hair takes on a fly away or “static” appearance.

How Do We Identify Moisture Loss

The hair will have cuticle damage. The hair will have a light, fly away or “static” appearance.


When the hair has attained enough cuticle damage and has lost its moisture content, it will then start to lose protein. Proteins such as natural essential fatty acids, lipids and most other nutrients are the elements that give the hair its shine, flexibility and strength. If the hair has attained loss of protein it also has cuticle damage and moisture depletion.

How Do We Identify Loss Of Protein

Hair color and protein have very similar structures. Therefore if the client has had a pigment change for any reason (sun bleaching, chemical service, etc.) they have also probably experienced protein loss. The hair will be dull and dry in appearance, light and fly away and will feel rough and abraded.


Loss of Elasticity is the result of the hair losing so much moisture and protein that it loses its tensile strength. The hair becomes weak, dry and brittle. It loses its natural ability to stretch and retract. This is when split ends and breakage occur.

With the proper treatment we can repair any level of damage. We cannot, however, permanently repair split ends. Split ends can be repaired temporarily by using a cosmetic styling aid.

Split ends must be cut off. The problem with this is that we do not repair the rest of the hair that has not been split before we cut off the ends. As a result, as soon as we cut those split ends off, the new ends are so damaged that they begin to split. This is when you hear from your client “my hair seems to grow only so long and then it just stops”. The hair has probably not stopped growing, it is just splitting and dissolving at a rate faster than it is growing.

Repairing And Preventing Damage

Many people will treat each level of damage with same shampoo and conditioning product for every level of damage. This will make the hair feel a little bit better for a short time, but as soon as the hair is washed the conditioning effect that the product has provided will wash out as well. When the appropriate product is recommended for the appropriate level of damage it will actually repair the hair and the conditioning effects will last. Once the client’s hair has been repaired, they do not need to keep using the same product.

An example of a prescription would be: Client has damage level of 4. We recommend a “deep reconstructor” for everyday use. The client should use this product every day - for one to two weeks. After that the hair is repaired and they then should use a normal daily reconstructor to keep the hair in its optimum condition. They should use the deep reconstructor just two or three times a month.

Dikson products are specially formulated to target each specific problem area. Our Stylists will help you make the right choices to repair the damage, obtain healthy hair and end up with fabulous looking hair.