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Why Our Customers Love
The Upper Cut


" ...a beautiful salon where you can go and feel like family."

Eve Ellis

Tammy Haswell has been my stylist for over twenty years. Even though my cut and color has changed through the years, Tammy has always given me a style that suits my personality and my lifestyle. The Italian Hair Color line of products offered by The Upper Cut provides a natural long-lasting color. With "The Upper Cut" Tammy has created a comfortable, relaxing and beautiful salon where you can go and feel like family.

Eve Ellis

"The best my hair has ever looked"

Nikki Smith

When I went to the Upper Cut I was at my wits end. I had just tried a new color on my hair at a different shop and they almost destroyed my hair. i was in a panic when I went to the Upper Cut and Tammy worked and worked and worked on my hair until it was just right. She is a life saver!"

Nikki Smith

Understanding Your Hair -
Friend or Foe

Here at the Upper Cut we want you to not only look good when you leave here, we want you to look good every day. So we take the time to help you understand your hair.

There are many, many, many different types of hair hiding under ball caps, falling in faces, and hanging like limp dishrags. If you know your hair, you can get it to stand up and take notice, lay down and behave, or sail lightly in the whispering wind.

One of my clients recently said she could never get her hair to stand up properly and she could never find a gel that worked. What she didn't realize was that since her hair was so fine, a gel would only cause it to lay down, not stand up. After giving her the proper mousse for her hair, she was thrilled with the difference.

So a little knowledge about what works with YOUR hair can go a long way toward turning a long standing Foe into an understanding an obidient Friend.

Uncle Jeff

I love my uncle Jeff. So you can understand how devistated I was when I learned he had cancer. The good news though is that after he went through chemotheropy, I was able to help him get back into the swing of things. I used our hair rebuilding products to turn his cue ball back into a full fledged garden of hair. Take a look at some photos of the rebuilding process. Uncle Jeff Photos